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Application form

We are still accepting performers to take part in The Scratch. If you are considering performing, please click the button below which leads you to the Submissions Page where you can fill out the boxes and email us. The required information is just below. We will have peformances at 2-3 minutes per performer. Alternatively, you can contact us on the email in the displayed poster above with your desired performance piece or message us on any of our social media found at the bottom of this page.

(The following is an example)

Name of piece: (Cyndie's Monologue)

From: (The Book of Cyndie)

Length: (2 Minutes)

By: (Cyndie Cylinder)

Extra Details or requirements: (2 Chairs)


The Scratch #1 - July 13th

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70-72 Barnsbury Rd
N1 0ES